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We don’t just clean, we also sanitize. We take extra measures to ensure the tidiness of your home or office, while also maintaining cleanliness of touch points such as door handles and light switches. Sometimes it’s nice just to live worry-free.


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We believe in creating a clean feeling in our lives, inside and out. Students from Christian Recovery Centers Inc. have an opportunity to work with us to gain new skills to help their mind, body, and soul recover as we provide tools for their future.

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We clean so you don’t have to.

Ask about our rates for select, or for all rooms of your home or business. We want to make sure you have the most comfortable space for your all of your needs.


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Our staff is constantly working with men and women to instruct them on the proper method of cleaning and sanitizing so that they can retain skills to build upon in their new lives. The staff of CRCI has multiple years of experience in managing routine maintenance cleaning and assisting others in rebuilding their lives after they have began to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Our staff knows that removing drugs and alcohol from a person has value, but teaching them to build a new life based on faith in God and becoming gainfully employed fulfills a purpose that each person seeks.

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